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Why apply for expatriate health insurance ? 

Lack adequate social security or social protection :

healthy expatriate familyIn most of Asian countries, social insurance programs providing social protection offer only a basic protection or just don’t exist compared to western countries. While it gives basic protection against health care costs, they won't cover all your medical expenses and they enable patients to get access to public hospitals only. Unfortunately, public care system doesn’t bring compliance with your usual high quality standard to provide high quality medical services.

High cost of medical care :

In some Asian countries, cost of medical care and medical evacuation can be much higher than in Europe. Indeed, private hospitals and private doctors mainly provide a full range of care services and treatment of high quality, even better in Europe sometimes.

Expatriates and upper class usually use private health care in most of the cases. Most of private hospitals are staffed with a number of local or international doctors and specialists who studied medicine abroad. 

Apply for a private health insurance ensures you reimbursement at 100% of actual costs (hospitalisation,...) and a minimum 80% of actual costs (consultation, medicine, physiotherapy,..). 

When French people apply for cover under the CFE, The CFE makes reimbursements, like any Social Security fund, on the basis of French costs. In few countries, where the cost of care is substantially above the reimbursement rates, it will be insufficient and it will need to provide additional cover for expatriates « complémentaire CFE ».

Repatriation assistance :

Medical serious illness or injury may require medical repatriation and medical transportation to the most appropriate hospital or the return to country of residence.  Cost of medical evacuation could amount to several hundred thousand euro and can require important logistic for repatriation assistance. That’s why it’s highly advisable to apply for international health insurance for expatriates.


Additional cover highly advisable :

As expatriate, you must ensure your insurance is in place to provide you with insurance benefits such as medical cover, personal liability, legal assistance, protection insurance covering death, total loss of autonomy and income protection. We offer affordable insurance packages that enable you to get reduction in tariff rates.

Home Page Why apply for expatriate health insurance ?